Polychain Protocol X Peech Capital

Polychain Protocol Partners with Peech Capital

Peech Capital to join Polychain Protocol as product advisor and seed investor.



Polychain Protocol is excited to announce our product advisor and partnership with Peech Capital. Peech Capital is an investment and advisory firm that focus on early stage DeFi and blockchain projects. The experience and knowledge the Peech Capital team possesses is a valued addition to our already experienced team. Peech Capital is comprised of professionals from a variety of technical backgrounds who all have been in the crypto space since early 2017. Peech Capital will be advising our team in many areas such as the trading algorithms and product streams of our Polychain Protocol platform.

As our CEO Andrew quotes “Peech Capital has been a great help to Polychain Protocol since our initial idea was conceptualised. It would only be fitting that we welcome them onboard as product advisor to continue to work and grow alongside us. The team has brought valuable experience and advice that has helped shape the vision of our platform. I am excited to continue our partnership and work together to bring our platform to the masses.”

Peech Capital has contributed to many successful projects in their portfolio such as NiiFi, MILC, Cryptomeda, Ispolink and Rocket Vault. Polychain Protocol is excited to join this impressive list.

Along with product advice, Peech Capital brings valuable connections within the crypto space that can be leveraged to push forward the success of Polychain Protocol. Peach Capital shares our vision and synergies of creating a simple to use trading platform focusing on the beginner user and those new to crypto. For these and many other reasons we have welcomed the Peech Capital team onboard our journey to growth and success.

Moe from Peech Capital quotes “When we first met James, Andrew, and Chen, we were immediately really impressed with their ambition to build a sophisticated and complete blockchain trading solution. Most traders today rely on fragmented solutions, which results in messy and inefficient workflows. The Polychain Protocol team is building a platform that will revolutionise trading on the blockchain and we are excited to be part of their journey.”

About Polychain Protocol 🦜

Polychain protocol understands the users’ UI/UX dilemma. That’s why we’re creating a robust, cross-chain, seamless and simplified ecosystem that caters to all levels of crypto users for their DeFi, NFT & trading needs. Segregation of blockchains and products have made it complicated and costly for the user. To bring crypto wide adoption it needs to be made simpler and more cost effective for the everyday user. Polychain protocol will be making sophisticated trading simplified and bringing the best projects, platforms, strategies and investment opportunities crypto has to offer. Polychain protocols interface will be the only product a new or experienced user will need. DeFi, NFTs and trading all in one robust suite in a safe and seamless integration across multiple platforms, exchanges, and blockchains.

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POLYCHAIN PROTOCOL is building the future of interoperability for NFTs, DeFi and trading. One chain to rule them all ‘POLYCHAIN’